Most Popular Trending Items in 2021

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Why Are Competition Websites So Popular In 2021
Why Are Competition Websites So Popular In 2021? 
Highest Trending Items In 2021

2021 has been a weird year so far. The world has somewhat returned to normal, and people are now tentatively dipping their toes back into the outside world and the normality it brings. During the year 2020, online sales experienced $174.87 billion in additional e-commerce revenue. Why? There was nothing better to do. Much of the western world, including the U.S and the U.K, was ushered into a lockdown that lasted months. 

Furlough started to pay, and people realised there was nothing better to do but to shop online. It became a trend. It then became a trend to know what was on trend to have a piece of the trend pie. Trends are the theme of this post. The following information will explore the highest trending items of 2021 and how you can get your hands on them.


Posture Correctors

posture Corrector

Posture is not everyone’s strong suit. There are multiple reasons an individual’s posture might not be in line. From working at a desk, sleeping positions, muscle problems, lack of neck strength, there are many reasons for posture problems to occur. During the various lockdowns, many were forced to work from home in a less than suitable environment. Perhaps that is why sales are still so strong!

Posture correctors found their fame long before the pandemic. People struggling with back problems because of poor posture turn to the internet to find a cure. It has been a trending product to buy for the last 5 years. There are around 165,000 searches globally for posture correctors per month. 


PS5 and XBOX Series X

Game Consoles

If there is one item currently that many people want but can’t get, then it has to be the PS5 and XBOX Series X. Both gaming consoles are in such high demand that once they appear in-stock, they are immediately purchased. From chip shortages to scapers, many factors mean that it is near impossible to get your hands on one currently – that’s unless you decide to pay double on sites such as eBay.


Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are much like posture correctors in that they are one of the most sought after products years in a row. They’re extremely cheap to buy. Yoga mats don’t have to be flashy, and that’s what makes them great. 

All you need is a simple yoga mat, and it’ll do the job. The best yoga mat is one that is marketed as being easy to clean. One downfall of yoga mats is once they start to get dirty, they’re a nightmare to clean. Standard yoga mats are easy to find on Amazon. You can find more expensive options on websites specifically for yoga. 

Don’t be fooled. If you find a yoga mat on a website and the price seems high, you’ll usually be able to find a better deal on Amazon or eBay. The only difference you may get with more expensive yoga mats is thicker material and sweat absorbent features.


Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment

Gym equipment trended big time in 2020. During the first lockdown in the UK, gym equipment sales grew by over 2,000%. People went into a frenzy trying to secure some sort of gym equipment as news spread that gyms were to shut for weeks. At one point, you would have struggled to find resistance bands, let alone full-on equipment. 

The proper gym equipment was highly expensive, with many people spending thousands to turn part of their home into a gym. Gym equipment may not be as popular as it was in 2020 now that gyms have reopened, but it still is a trending product. 

Many avid gym bunnies used the hype to create and sell their own equipment, finding a temporary gap in the market. Right now, you can buy a complete set of dumbbells on the internet for between £150-2,000. Depending on the quality of the weight, the price is high.


Board Games

Board games

Board games dip in and out of fashion. Board games bring out everyone’s competitive side, especially when the stakes are high. Whether you’re playing for a prize or playing for glory, board games are a great way to pass the time. 

They have long been a favourite to bring out at family parties or on a quiet evening when there’s nothing else to do. Here are some of the most popular board games of 2021:


  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Clue
  • Cluedo
  • Risk
  • Battleship

Many of those games are iconic. Board games were how most people spent hours passing the time in their younger years. The best place to look for board games in new condition is Amazon. You’ll find nearly every board game imaginable there.


Air Fryer

Air Fryer

Air frying is very much on-trend. If you haven’t got an air fryer, then you’re missing out on the single most impressive trend there is. Air fryers are multi-purpose frying machines using air, believe it or not, to fry pretty much anything you want. They’re possibly the best kitchen appliance to be introduced in the modern world. 

There’s plenty of air fryer’s to choose from. Some have bigger compartments than others so that they can cook more food. You can get your hands on a good air fryer for around £50. Air fryer sales have also seen an increase due to the popular social media platform TikTok. TikTokers have taken to the app to showcase their recipes using the air fryer, making amazing food look simple. 


Wall Art

Wall artWall art adds character to any wall. The beauty of wall art is that there are so many styles, patterns, shapes, and trends to chose from. Wall art has become more of a trend due to social media influencers. Wall art brands have latched onto the market of Youtube watchers who love to see their favourite influencers do home tours, unboxings, and much more. 

Influencers usually have discount codes for brands such as Desenio, a very popular wall art brand due to the likes of Molly Mae promoting it. Wall art can be bright and bold, or it can be delicate and beautiful. Check out brands such as Desenio for inspiration.

It’s now over halfway through the year, and there have already been fantastic items on-trend. Check out websites such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Facebook marketplace to get your hands on a bargain.